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Ahmadiyya Muslim Association – Tarbiyyat Department UK

15th September 2017 – Proofs of Truth
After reciting the Tashahhud, Ta’uz, Tasmia and Sura Fatihah Hazrat Ameer-ul-Mu’mineen (aba) said:
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8th September 2017 – Invite to Allah with wisdom and goodly exhortation
The translation of this verse is:
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1st September 2017 – Blessings of MTA Intl. : Jalsa Salana Germany 2017
It is through His Grace that Allah the Almighty has united the Ahmadi’s around the world through MTA, and made us so well-informed about the tours of the Khalifa, as well as about Jama’at events and other news. Rather, every news reaches instantly and every event is watched as it unfolds. In fact, sometimes, the listeners instantly send their views and express their sentiments regarding the proceedings of the Jalsas and their atmosphere, during the [live] programmes.
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25th August 2017 – Faith and Good Deeds – Jalsa Salana Germany 2017
Today, we have gathered here to participate in the Jalsa. We do not congregate for any worldly purpose. We come here to partake in this spiritual atmosphere and to enhance our spirituality and intellectual faculties. We improve our religious state and conduct, we adopt the fear of Allah the Almighty and fulfil His rights as well as those of His creation, which have been mentioned by the Promised Messiah (as) in the conditions of Bai’at.
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