Woking Tarbiyyat Activity Day

Woking Tarbiyyat Activity Day

Report by Khursheed Ahmad Saeed – Secertary Tarbiyyat, Woking

Woking Jamaat Tarbiyyat Activity Day was held on 30th January, 2015

Guests were National Secretary Tarbiyyat Nisar Orchard Sb, and Dabir A Bhatti

After Ishaa at 7:15pm, dinner was served and the meeting started promptly at 8:15 pm

Meeting started with Tilawat by Abdul Qadir Farooqi, with the English translation read by Armughan Khan. This was followed by Nazm recited by Assadullah Khan.

In his opening remarks, Hameed Ahmad Sb, Sadr of Woking Jamaat, thanked Nisar Orchard Sb and his team for coming to the Tarbiyyat Activity Day for Woking Jamaat, and he hoped that there would be many more visits from the National Tarbiyyat Team.

National Tarbiyyat Sec Sb then began the main session with a simple yet inspiring Powerpoint presentation, which highlighted the importance and the heavy duties that the Tarbiyyat Secretary holds. He urged the Jamaat to recognise Khursheed Ahmad Saeed Sb as their Secretary Tarbiyyat, and requested the members to help their local Secertary by becoming members of his team, and activating others. During the powerpoint presentation, Nisar Orchard Sb emphasised that he wanted this session to be a two way interactive session. Consequently questions were asked during the presentation, both from the men and from the ladies side. The audience was engrossed throughout the hour long presentation, as Nisar Orchard Sb emphasised that our Tarbiyyat laid in recognising the correct goals in life was achieving nearness to Allah, and then setting plans in action to achieving those goals.

The session was followed by a lively Quiz competition, which was closely fought and won by Team B. The meeting concluded at 10:15pm

There were 39 attendees on the men side, which included 19 Atfal. The Lajna attendace was 11.