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  1. Hafiz Aamir Shahzad says:

    Assalamo alaikum WBk!
    The whole website is very useful and easy to use Mashallah! I like the download section I hope more download will be available..
    Tarbiyat Dept, Newport

  2. Chowdhry Nasir says:

    A very good effort. God bless you and your team.
    Had difficulty to print.
    Jazak Allah.

  3. Dear Tarbiyyat team,
    Assalamo – Alikhum,
    Hope you are all well.

    I am unable to down load, the Namaz time table and Ramazdhan time table
    please unlock so that this process can be completed

    Look forward to your feed back



  4. Osman says:

    Please upload 2015 ramzan timetable. Am very disappointed not here already.

  5. S Malik says:

    Respected secretary Sahib,
    Every year my children make a calendar for their nani who lives in Uk. We are in Canada and so I download the salat calendar and the kids make pictures for each month and we bind it and post it to UK. She always gets it in February. Please can you post the new 2016 calendar soon so we can send it on time. JazakAllah Ahsan Al Jazzah.

    • dabir0070 says:

      Allah bless you and your children and their Nani. It is indeed a beautiful gift by the children to their Nani!
      The Salat Calendars for the various cities around UK will uploaded during the coming holidays.

  6. s Malik says:

    JazakAllah. The kids have made their pictures…just waiting for the calendar for London Fazl mosque.. May Allah bless your work and bless your family also.

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