Optional Fasts

 Sahoor and Iftar Timetable

Ahmadīs in Pakistan have shown extraordinary patience and resilience in the face of severe persecution. These sacrifices and these emotions can only bear fruit if we fall down before Allāh and wet our prayer mats with tears … Let us, therefore, pray with deep anguish and fervour so that our prayers are heard. (Friday Sermon 7th Nov 2011)

Every local Jama’at can make their own decision to set a day for the optional fast, but it would be better if one day is chosen in the local Jama’at, preferbably a Monday or a Thursday. (Friday Sermon 14th Oct 2011)

I appealed to the Jama’at to pray that we are safeguarded from the animosities and hostilities of these cruel people, I also appealed that we should pray that Allah Almighty cleanses the country of such people who cause disorder and oppression so that this country (Pakistan) can be saved. (Friday Sermon 14th Oct 2011)

Sahoor and Iftar times for Thursdays

To obtain Sahoor and Iftar timetable for your area, pick your area from the table below, click to view the timetable and save the file onto your local PC. Any city not listed, please send a request to
and we will endeavour to add it as soon as possible.

‘Salat Calculator MAUK’ – iPhone/Android App – uses GPS to get your location, then calculates the Salat Times as well as gives Qibla direction



7 Responses to Optional Fasts

  1. Hanif says:

    What’s the niya’t of Begining & ending Nafi Roza?

  2. Afzal Rabbani says:

    In my view the word OptionalFasts is wrongly joined together. Both words should be separated (Optional Fasst).


    Afzal Rabbani

  3. Tāhir Ahmad says:

    Assalamo Alaikum,

    Can you also produce a timetable Mondays fasts, please?


    Tāhir Ahmad

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