Qibla Locator

‘Salat Calculator MAUK’ – iPhone/Android App (launched by Majlis Ansarullah UK) – uses GPS to get your location, then calculates the Salat Times as well as gives Qibla direction

click here to see the Qibla direction.

6 Responses to Qibla Locator

  1. Usman says:

    is it possible to show the degrees the qibla direction is for one when we enter our post code? We can then match that on the compass app.

    • dabir0070 says:

      Using a compass is likely to be less accurate then using the map based direction for most locations, this is because the compass shows the Qibla with reference to magnetic north, which varies from region to region by a few degrees from true north.

      • Kamran says:

        Correct, but practically, you can lay down the prayer mat more accurately if you have a compass than if you use a building or a street as a reference even despite the slight variation in the true magnetic north..

  2. Adam says:

    Can this website be updated as there isn’t anywhere to enter a postcode anymore?

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