Tarbiyyat Day Reports

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  1. Orhan Ahmed says:

    Assalamo Alaikum could you also post the timetable for Aberdeen/ Dundee


    • dabir0070 says:


      Jazakallah for contacting us. If you mean Salat Calendar, then Aberdeen and Dundee are already included. Rather then scrolling down, simply enter Aberdeen in the Search, and it will come up. Let me know if you need any more help.
      Dabir A Bhatti

  2. Aamir Hayat says:

    Leeds Jmaat had a Tarbiyyat day on 24th May2015.
    Program detal
    Start with Tahajud fallowed by Fajar and Darss -a-Quran
    and Khuddam has Fajar FIT after that.

    1pm to 4pm jmaat booked a hall for Ijlaas after Zohar Ijlas started. (Tilawat, Nazam, 3 Speeches, silent prayer by Murrami sb. and refreshment servrd).
    8:45pm Darss at slat centre and fallowed by Maghrib and Isha prayer.
    Jazak allah

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