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Report by Ata Quddus – Secretary Tarbiyyat, Aldershot Jamaat

Aldershot Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 27th May, 2015

Held at Baitul Islam Mosque, Islamabad

“Aldershot Jamaat Khilafat Day and Tarbiyyat Day held at Baitul Islam Mosque Islamabad on 27th May. 2015

This is a brief report of Khiladat Day and “Tarbiyyat Day” held for Aldershot Jamaat by National Secreatary Tarbiyyat Nisar Orchard sahib. The event took place at Baitul Islam Mosque, Islamabad on 27th May 2015.

Event Planning

  • Planning for the event started several weeks before the event. After discussions with Sadr sahib Aldershot Jamaat Luqman Chaudhry sahib, and Nisar sahib, a weekday (Wednesday 27th May) was chosen for the event due to mid-terms school holidays, and it was decided to celebrate both Khilafat day and Tarbiyyat day together.
  • Permission to hold the event at Islamabad was obtained by Sadr sahib Aldershot.
  • An attendance campaign was carried out with regular text, and WhatsApp reminders sent to all Jamaat members by Sadr sahib Aldershot informing them about the event. In addition, Aldershot Jamaat Tarbiyyat team consisting of local secretary tarbiyyat, naib secretary tarbiyyat, and four tarbiyyat saiqeens called people over the phone inviting them to the event.
  • A separate team led by Sadr sahib Aldershot himself, Secretary Ziafat and Qaid Majlis looked after the food arrangements for the event.

Event Summary

Alhamdolillah, the event started on 27th May 2015 about 6:40 pm. It started with recitation of Verse 56 Chapter An-Nur of the Holy Quran by Safdar Hussain Abbassi sahib. This was followed by Nazm from Durre-Sameen by Mzaffar Naeem sahib. Then, guest speaker Atta-un-Nur sahib delivered a speech in both Urdu and English languages on the topic of Khilafat, it’s importance and blessings, and the need to obey Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (May Allah be his Helper). This was followed by a very interesting and informative power-point presentation on Importance of Marriage by Nisar Orchard sahib for nearly an hour. The presentation was extremely useful and interactive. During the presentation, Nisar sahib also asked questions from Hazrat Khalifatul Mashih Al-Khamis’s (May Allah be his helper with His mighty help) latest Friday Sermon so that people remember important points of Huzoor’s sermon. After the presentation, Nisar sahib conducted a short Quiz comprising of general knowledge questions which was again very interesting and had full participation from all Jamaat members. At about 8:15pm, the event closed with silent prayers. Thereafter, dinner was served outside the Mosque, which was followed by Magrib and Isha prayers.

  • Attendance: The event was attended by nearly 70 people (29 lajna, 8 nasirat, 5 atfal, and about 28 Khuddam and Ansar)
  • Feedback: The feedback from jamaat members was very positive, every one enjoyed the event, and many members thanked guest speakers for kindly visiting our Jamaat and delivering an excellent speech and a presentation.

May Allah bring very positive fruits of this event for Aldershot Jamaat and may we all perfectly obey and meet the expectations of our beloved Imam, Hazrat Khalifatul Mashih Al-Khamis’s (May Allah be his helper with His mighty help), Ameen.

Some pictures of the event are attached as well.

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