Report by Ata Quddus – Secretary Tarbiyyat, Aldershot Jamaat

Aldershot Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 11th March, 2016


“Islamabad and Aldershot Jamaats Tarbiyyat Day held in Islamabad on 11th March 2016

Event Planning

  • The event was primarily initiated by Islamabad Jamaat whose Sadr sahib and local secretary Tarbiyyat liaised with National secretary Tarbiyyat Nisar Orchard sahib and fixed 11th March as the date of the event. Sadr sahib Islamabad kindly extended the offer to Aldershot jamaat to join into the event which was accepted by Sadr sahib Aldershot with gratitude.
  • An attendance campaign was carried out in both Jamaats through text messages, phone calls, and personal contacts by the local Sadr sahibs with the help of local Tarbiyyat team.
  • In addition, Sadr sahib Islamabad with the help of local Quaid Majlis took over the responsibility of site setup and windup, while Sadr sahib Aldershot looked after food arrangements.

Event Summary

National secretary Tarbiyyat Nisar Orchard sahib arrived at the venue much before the program scheduled time and did A/V setup with the help of Islamabad jamaat. The event started sharply at 6:15 pm with congregational Maghrib prayers. After the Namaz, recitation of The Holy Quran was presented by Atif Rasheed sahib. Sadr sahib Islamabad then introduced the event and welcomed National secretary Tarbiyyat Nisar Orchard sahib. This was followed by a very interesting and informative power-point presentation on the topic of “Sources of Righteousness” by Nisar Orchard sahib for nearly 1.5 hours. The presentation was extremely useful and interactive in which the audience responded to the questions posed by Nisar sahib. During the presentation, Nisar sahib also asked questions from Hazrat Khalifatul Mashih Al-Khamis’s (May Allah be his Helper) Friday Sermons and addresses at other occasions so that people remember important points of Huzoor’s Sermons and speeches. At about 8:05pm, the event closed with silent prayers which were led by respected Usman Chou sahib. Thereafter, dinner was served outside the Mosque, which was followed by congregational Isha prayers.

  • Attendance: The event was attended by nearly 50 members (almost evenly split between the two jamaats)
  • Feedback: The feedback from jamaat members was very positive, every one enjoyed the event, and many members thanked guest speaker for kindly visiting us and delivering an excellent speech and a presentation.