Baitul Futuh

 Report by Ch. Nasir – Secretary Tarbiyyat, Baitul Futuh Jamaat

Baitul Futuh Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 19th April, 2015

Held at Baitul Futuh Mosque

Jama’at and Ansar, Ahmadiyya Baitul Fatuh, held this second forum jointly. Both Jama’at and Zaeem Ansarullah tried to bring as many attendees as possible for this forum.

There was also another program to elect Zaheem for newly created Halqa Baitul Fatuh after the Tarbiyyat Forum.
Meeting started with recitation of Holy Quran under the Chairmanship of Mr. Dabir Ahmad ,Bhatti, Assistant Secretary, Tarbiyyat Department, U.K.
Saddar Sahib Ansarullah also attended the meeting. He stressed to increase the attendance of congregational prayers and asked Ansars to attend congregational prayers, especially Fajr and Isha prayers.

After this Tarbiyyat Forum was started. Syed Mashhood Ahmad in the team made the presentation in English while Mr. Bhatti gave the Urdu translation for the benefit of Urdu speaking people.

The presentation lasted about 30 minutes, was liked by the people, questions were also asked which were replied.
Attendance was about 35-40, including Ansar, Khudam and Atfal. Pictures of the forum were taken, which have been sent separately by Sadar Jama’at, Baitul Fatuh.

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