Baitul Futuh East

Report by Sheharyar Munib – General Secretary, Baitul Futuh East Jamaat

Baitul Futuh East Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 18th February, 2016

On Thursday 18th February 2016 a tarbiyyat session was held with Nisar Orchard sb National Sec. Tarbiyyat, UK at Baitul Futuh Mosque. The programme started After Namaz e Asar with recitation of Holy Quran.
It was proceeded with small introduction by General Secretary of Baitul Futuh East.
Nisar Orchard sb told the audience that everyone should listen to Hazoor ‘s addresses and try his utmost to act upon what Hazoor has said. It will not be beneficial if we don’t act upon the words of our beloved Khalifa.
He said that he’s there to listen to us all.
He also reminded the audience that everyone must ask himself whether he/she have made any good change in their life when they observed fast in last Ramadhan or when they attended Eid or when they attended Jalsa Salana. This is a question everyone must ask oneself.
After that Nisar Orchard sb started emphasising upon Taqwah that is where tarbiyyat starts.
He said that in the verses of Nikah the main objective is Taqwah. If we have Taqwah then we have understood the purpose of life. Children copy elders therefore elders must set a good example.
Parents must give time to their children, must play with them, must go for outing, and must create a friendly atmosphere so that children could ask any question without any fear.
During the interactive session different questions were asked by the members of Jamaat.
Everyone was so much attentive and enjoyed the programme.
. It was called “Tarbiyyat Day” but actually it was a day which reminded us about our duty of self-purification and self-accountability. May Allah the Almighty grant us courage to face our shortcomings and enable us to rectify them all. Ameen
At the end, the session was ended by silent prayers led by Nisar Orchard sb.
Food(Biryani) was served both on men and ladies sides.