Barking & Dagenham

Report by Masood Nasir – Secretary Tarbiyyat, Barking & Dagenham Jamaat

Barking & Dagenham Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 11th December 2015

Barking and Dagenham Jamaat welcomed Nisar Orchard Sahib at Bait Ul Ahad Mosque at Newham on 11th December 2015.

The programme started on time at 6:30PM with recitation of Holy Quran by Shahid Ahmad. Programme was chaired by Nisar Orchard sahib while welcome address given by Sabauddin Najam sahib (president of Barking and Dagenham Jamaat).

Nisar Orchard sahib presented a slide which was very interesting, including questions and answers during the presentation.  All Jamaat members fully participated during the session and found the format really interesting. Nisar Orchard Sahib kept the members fully involved by asking questions and allowing members to ask questions.

We had Atfals, Khuddams, Ansar and Lajana showing keen interest what Tarbiyyat is in their opinion and after listening to Nisar Orchard Sahib Jamaat members realise the true meaning of Tarbiyyat.

Nisar Orchard explained to the members the importance of Tarbiyyat days is to be steadfast in daily prayers, closeness to Allah and relationship with Khilafat. He explained what Tarbiyyat is and how to be A “Ebaadi” of Allah (SWT).

Importance of reading congregational prayers, and encouraged members to stay steadfast in prayers.

ATTENDANCE 80 members