Report by Amjad Ahmad – Bexley Jamaat

Bexley Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 26th April, 2015

On sunday 26th of April the Greenwich and Bexley Jamaat held their first Tarbiyyat day at Tahir Mosque. As this was our first event the central Tarbiyyat team were heavily involved in providng the content and presenting the material.

The format of the event was an interactive presentation prepared by the central Tarbiyyat team which covered the responsibilites of the department as well as for each individual. We were reminded of the key points of the revised Tarbiyyat plan which is now being pushed out to all jamaats in the UK of attending congregational prayers in our local Mosques on a regular basis; listening to Friday sermons attentivly and ensuring that there is regular Tarbiyyat activites being held locally all all jamaat members

The next section of the presentation focused on the importance of morals and how they shap us. Extracts of the previous Friday sermon were then given with questions relating to the Khutba for the audience to test how much they had actually understood of the sermon.

The final section involved a lively quiz, with the jamaat members being split into 2 teams and competing with eachother on both religous and general knowledge.
The event was then concluded with Zuhr prayer followed by lunch.
The feedback from jamaat members has been very positive Alhumdo’Allah from both young and old, with all members highlighting on how well and interactive the event was designed.
Lajna also partook in the even and were following the presentations as well as taking part in the quiz themselves in their own groups.they too were very impressed by the event and were keen to begin holding such events on a regular basis
The attendance for the event was just over 50% for both the mens and ladies.
Insha’Allah our Jamaat will be setting the date for our next Tarbiyyat day very shortly in which we will be looking to build on what we learnt from our first event as well as include our own material and speakers.

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