Report by Amjad Ahmad – Bexley & Greenwich and Bromley & Lewisham Jamaats

Combined Jamaat Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 10th July, 2015


A combined tarbiyyat event was held at Tahir Mosque for both the Bexley & Greenwich and Bromley & Lewisham Jamaats on the evening of Friday 10th July. The central Tarbiyyat team once again put together a comprehensive presentation which they present in an interactive format.

The event started with Tilawat and Nazm following which the local Murabi, Faiz Ahmad Saib introduced our guest speaker Zishan Kahlon, a newly graduated Murabi from Jamia, appointed to the Tarbiyyat team on a short term basis.

The presentation covered a range of topics which included: the true imporatnace and purpose of the month of Ramadhan and how our efforts during this month should be used to propell our spiritual advancements to new hieghts for the following year; the role of Taqwa in marrage; the importance of teaching our youngeters why we do not celebrate birthdays, Halloween and Christmas.

The event was conluded with silent prayer after which Iftari was served. Following Maghrib prayer the both Jammats enjoyed dinner after which Isha and Taravee prayers were offered

By the grace of Allah the event was well received by all members of both Jamaats who were keen to make such events regular following the success of our first one back in April.

I would like to thank both Nisar Orchard Sahib and Zishan Kahlon Sahib for their continued support, both the local Sadrs for their support as well and finally the ziafat team for their efforts in preparing the Iftari. May Allah reward them all abundantly for their efforts. Ameen

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