Birmingham North

Report by  Muhammad Akram – Secertary Tarbiyyat, Birmingham North Jamaat

Birmingham North Jamaat Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 29th April, 2016

The Tarbiyyat meeting for Birmingham North Jammat was held in Daral-ul-Barakat mosque in Birmingham on 29th April 2016. The meeting started at 7:00pm by respected National Tarbiyyat Sec, Nisar Orchard Sahib. Everyone engaged and learned from the comprehensive and intellectual Tarbiyyat programme. The total attendance from Birmingham North Jammat was 105 people (45 men’s and 60 Lajnas including children).

The three main points from Tarbiyyat aspect mentioned by Nisar Orchards Sahib as follows;

  1. To display the Birmingham North Aamla List on mosque notice board.
  2. To print 10 conditions of Bai’at and display in the house to read daily to make improvement in our moral and spiritual level.
  3. To print the Nikkah Sermon, and understand the rights and duties of husbands and wives.

The agenda of the meeting was;

Tilawat –                                     Maaz Ahmed Sahib

Nazam –                                      Malik Abdul Waheed Sahib

Presentation –                           Nisar Orchard Sahib

Announcements-                      Masroor Ahmad Sahib (President)


Maghreb Namaz

Refreshments and meeting closed