Birmingham South

Report by  Birmingham South Jamaat

Birmingham South Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 13th March, 2016

Sunday 13/03/2016 saw Birmingham South Jamaat host its second Tarbiyyat day. We were graced by the presence of National Tarbiyyat secretary Nisar Ahmed Orchard Sahib who gave a thoroughly enjoyable and well receive presentation on topics such as prayer in congregation, purdah and achieving high morals which inspired the members. There was also a presentation by local Tarbiyyat secretary, Adnan Masood on avoiding arrogance and backbiting. 45 members attended the day and after the seminar were served a piping hot lamb biryani with kheer courtesy of the ziafat team. May Allah grant everyone the strength to achieve the high station that we aspire to through the teachings of the Promised Messiah. We hope to see Orchard sahib soon for our third day!