Birmingham West 2

Report by Anwar Sb – Secertary Tarbiyyat Birmingham West Jamaat

Birmingham West Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 13th March, 2016

Tarbiyyat secretary UK planned a Tarbiyyat session for Birmingham West jammat. On Sunday 13 March by Fajr namaz jammat members including Lajna and Nasirat
gathered in our Mosque Baitul Ghafoor. Secreary Tarbiyyat UK Mr Nisar Orchard sahib arrived at 5.45 , our resident Murabbi respected Aqeel Ahmad Kang sahib led Fajr prayer and
delivered Dars from Tafseer Kabeer.
After Namaz and Dars Mr Nisar Orchard sahib started Tarbiyyat session. He showed power point presentation to explain different topics. He covered many points such as Importance of prayers in congregation, populate the Mosque at namaz times, listen Friday sermon and follow the instructions of Hudhur e Aqdas. Keep family happy by adopting Islamic cultur.
Adopt good manners at home and in society. Always keep a check on your level of Righteousness or Taqwa and make an effort to Improve your level of Taqwa.
During session Khuddam served Tea and after the session full breakfast including Nan and Nihari served.
Tarbiyyat session lasted 2 hours which finished with silent prayers at 8am.  Most jammat members made an effort to come and benefit from this very interesting programme.
Lajna and Nasirat also attended. Ansar, Khuddam and young Itfal attended as well.
Attendance 38 men side and 28 Lajna side total 66.
Many attendees expressed to have more frequent sessions like this.