Report by Ata-Ur-Razeque Talukdar – Bournemouth Jamaat

Bournemouth Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 4th March 2016

By the Grace of Allah, Bournemouth Jamaat (Islamabad Region) held a Tarbiyyat Forum on Friday 4th March 2016. Mr Mubashar Sanouri (Local Sadr) presided over the meeting which was also attended by Regional Missionary Sahib from Oxford. The meeting started promptly after Namaz with a recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Mr Tariq Aftab.

 Mr Nisar Orchard Sahib (National Tarbiyyat Secretary, UK) then delivered a comprehensive introduction to Tarbiyyat with the use of overhead powerpoint presentation slides. The meeting was a combined meeting with Lajna – and arrangements were made for overhead slides, loudspeakers and microphones to be working in the separate Ladies’ hall.

 Nisar Orchard Sahib emphasised the meaning of Tarbiyyat – and how we should all strive everyday to improve morally and become more righteous. He gave numerous examples of virtues such as patience and forgiveness that we should always aspire to, and many examples of vices that we should shun such as lying and backbiting. He emphasised that good Tarbiyyat was a duty upon all of us throughout our lives; from childhood and adolescence, to adulthood and working life, onto marriage and family-life and then retirement and old age.

 Throughout his interactive talk, Nisar Sahib highlighted the importance of prayer in good Tarbiyyat – both personal prayers and congregational prayers. Additionally, he strongly emphasised the role of listening attentively to Huzoor’s Friday Sermons. He quoted from memory from Huzoor’s sermons which often address current issues and advise us how we should behave when confronted with modern trials and tribulations.

 Nisar Sahib continued that there were many Tarbiyyat topics that should be taught and discussed regularly at local meetings – and the National Tarbiyyat team would always help in facilitating this role. The meeting was concluded with silent prayer and followed by refreshments and informal discussion.