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Report by Saeed Ahmad Anwar – Secretary Tarbiyyat, Bradford South Jamaat

Bradford South Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 28th June, 2015


We had a Tarbiyyat day at Masjid Bait ul Hamd, Bradford on 28th June 2015. It was a very successful programme which every one seemed to have enjoyed and benfitted from it.

The programme started after Zohr nimaz which was followed by Dars ul Quran  delivered by our respected regional missionary Mubarak Ahmad Basra sahib. There were two short speeches, first one by Waqaas Ahmad Anwar sahib, President Bradford South Jama’at, on the topic of tarbiyyat.I then spoke about the blessings of Khilafat and our responsibilities..

After these two speeches, the rest of the programme was interactive. Abdul Rehman  Chalm sahib, recently graduated from Jamia U.K and presently in Bradford for one month.He showed the clips of three Friday sermons delivered by Hazrat Ameer ul Momineen( May Allah be his helper) on  different occasions and on the topics of, NIMAZ, FINANCIAL SACRIFICES AND PEACE. After the presentation of each clip, the participants who were split into three groups discissed the contents of the clip shown.

Then there was a religious knowledge quiz between Ansar and Khuddam and a separate quiz for Atfal.  Also Lajna did the same quiz between their two teams as well as between Nasirat. There were some question answer on the men side.

In the end , there was a prize distribution for all those who participated in quiz, irrespective of winners and loosers. The Ansar, Khuddam and Lajna members were each given a small food pack for Iftari while the Atfal and Nasirat and younger children were given crsps and soft fruit drinks.

The programme ended with few advisory words  by the Regional Missionary sahib and myself offering thanks for those who attended and those who helped and guided me while organising the programme and also during the programme.

The regional missionary sahib lead the silent prayer. The programmed ended at 4.30p.m and the total attendance was 60.


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