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Report by Saeed Ahmad Anwar – Secretary Tarbiyyat, Bradford South Jamaat

Bradford South Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 24th, January, 2016



A Tarbiyyat Day was held at Masjid Bait ul Hamd Bradford on Sunday 24th January 2016  for both Bradford North and Bradford South Jama;ats. Nisar Orchard sahib, National Secretary Tarbiyyat UK and Shareef Abru sahib  were kind enough to travel from London to take part in this programme.

The programme started at 6.00 a.m with the congregational Tahajjud prayer followed by Fajr prayer at 6.45 a.m and Dars ul Qur’an. The prayers were led by Maulana Mubarak Ahmad Basra sahib, Regional Missionary for North East region. He also delivered the Dars ul Qur’an.

The attendance was 25 men and 7 ladies.

There was then a break until 10.30.a.m when the participants started coming and reported at the registration desks, both on men and ladies halls.

At 1050 a.m Haneef Ahmad Hashmi sahib recited the first 5 verses of the Surah Al Anfal and also presented Urdu translation.

The English translation of the recited verses was presented by Toseef Ahmad Anwar sahib. This was followed by silent prayer led by Maulana Mubarak Ahmad Basra sahib, Regional Missionary, North East region.

Waqass Ahmad Anwar sahib, President, Bradford South Jama’at  presented a short welcome address. He appreciated the two guests who travelled from London specially to take part in this programme. He encouraged the local members of both the Jama’ats to take full advantage of the Tarbiyyat Day programme and his two themes mentioned in his address were effectiveness of the Tarbiyyat programme and to remember the purpose of our creation which is spirituality.

Nisar Orchard sahib, National Secretary Tarbiyyat  then made a wonderful presentation with the help of power points . The main message in his presentation was obviously about tarbiyyat and he highlighted that all the Ahmadis should try to inculcate all the good attributes taught to us by Islam in ourselves. His presentation covered most of the good attributes which lead to spirituality.

The participants were then split into different groups for an open discussion on different topics.

Some of the topics discussed by ladies were :

Pardah…. Tarbiyyat e aulaad… Social media

On the men side, there were three groups of Ansar and Khuddan and one group of Atfal. Some of the topics discussed in Ansaar and Khuddam groups were:

Congregational prayer… financial sacrifices…. Listening to Huzur’s Friday sermons…. Writing letters to Huzur for his prayers… Scehmes announced by Huzur, Joining the Institution of Wasiyyat,… Nafli fast once a week… Two nafals daily.

Maulana Mubarak Ahmad Basra sahib, Nisar Orchrd sahib, Waqaas Ahmad Anwar sahib, President Bradford South, Dr Mohaamad Iqbal sahib, President Bradford North, Saeed Ahmad Anwar, Secretary Tarbiyyat, Bradford South, Mohammad Amin sahib, Secretary Bradford North and Toseef Ahmad Anwar sahib, spent few minutes in each group turn by turn taking part in the discussion and offering advice and guidance where ever and when ever needed. The children group was attended by Toseef Ahmad Anwar sahib and Nisar Orchard sahib. This group discussed moral and ethics and briefly interest of children in sports and other activities.

Dr Mohammad Iqbal sahib presented the vote of thanks. He specially thanked  and praised Nisar Orchard sahib and Shreef Abru sahib for making a long journey from London to be part of the Tarbiyyat  Day. He also thanked the member of jama’at for preparing food and doing other jobs to make this programme successful.

Finally Maulana Mubarak Ahmad Basra sahib, Regional Missionary briefly addressed the participants and drew their attention towards all the Tarbiyyat matters and led the silent prayer after that.

The total attendance was around 200…


Zohr and Asr prayers were performed at1.30 p.m and lunch was served after the prayers.