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Bradford North & South and Keighly Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 15th February, 2015

Report by Muhammad Amin Secretary Tarbiyyat Bradford North Jamaat

Bradford Jamaat organised its first tabiyyaty activity day on 15 February 2015 at Al Mahdi Mosque.

Programme was started at 5.30 am with Tahajud prayer in which National Sec Nisar Orchard sahib came from centre. Alhamdolila approximately 150 men and women of Jamaat attended Tahajud prayer and they were more then what we were expecting. After Tahajud, Fajar prayer took place in congregation which was followed by Dars ul Quran by Molana Mubarak Ahmad Basra sahib. Morning exercise was organised by Nasir Mahmood Amini sahib for 20 minutes after Dars for all atfal, khudam and ansar. About 7-00 am Breakfast was served to all members and after few hours rest
Programme registration was started on 10.30 am.

First session was started at 11-00 am with recitation of Holly Quran and Urdu translation by Nasir Muhammad sahib of Bradford south Jamaat ,while English translation was done by Saad Ahmad Aftab sahib. Programme was chaired by Nisar Orchard sahib while welcome address given by Waqas Anwar sahib (president of Bradford South) in the absence of Dr Iqbal sahib due to accident a day before please pray every one for his healthy recovery.

At 11.30 am Nisar Orchard sahib presented a slide show prepared by centre about Tarbiyyat which was very interesting, including questions and answers, all Jamaat members and participants of three Jamaats took lot of interest and enjoyed the presentation which was very informative may Allah help us to bring all advices in to practice in our lives. 1.30 pm there was break for Zohor prayer and lunch.

With the grace of Allah we started out second session at 2-30 pm which was a competition between Bradford South, Keighley and Bradford North. There were three rounds in competition, first two were group rounds with 10 questions and second consists of 15 questions, Bradford North achieved 1st position overall.
By the grace of Allah at 3.30 pm we started our concluding address. Molana Mubarik Ahmad Basra sahib addressed to members of Jamaats, presented vote of thanks to national sec Nisar Orchard sahib for all his hard work and travelling from London to guide us and help to make our programme successful, after concluding Dua, Asar prayer and group photo we closed our programme at 4 pm

Feedback from Nisar Orchard sahib, Molana Mubarik Ahmad Basra sahib and all members of Jamaats was mostly very positive. Members enjoyed and learned from Tarbiyyaty day to guide their children and families according to the wish of Khalifa tul Masehi. In the end I will request for prayers for us so that we might become more active in the cause of improving the tarbiyyat of all concerned.

Report by Waqqas  Ahmad, President Bradford South Jamaat

Bradford North and Bradford South Jama’ats held a joint Tarbiyyat day at Masjid Al Mahdi in Bradford on Sunday 15th February 2015. The programme started with congregational Tahajjud prayer at 5.30am followed by congregational Fajr prayer at 6.15am. These prayers were led by Maulana Mubarak Ahmad Basra Sahib, Imam and Regional Missionary who also delivered Dars ul Quraan after the Fajr prayer. A traditional Asian breakfast was served afterwards. The total number of participants at that time of the morning was approximately 100 including men, women and children.

Members reconvened at the mosque at 10.30am for registration. The opening session started at 11.00am with the recitation of the Holy Quran, recited by Muhammad Nasir sahib from Bradford South Jama’at who also presented the Urdu translation of the verses recited. The English translation was presented by Sa’ad Ahmad sahib from Bradford North Jama’at.

Maulana Mubarak Ahmad Basra sahib led the silent prayer after which Waqaas Ahmad Anwar sahib, President Bradford South jama’at presented the welcome address. He emphasised the importance of tarbiyyat of every Ahmadi in the light of Friday sermons delivered by our beloved Khalifa, Hazrat Ameer ul Momineen (may Allah be his helper). The speaker mentioned some of the atrocities being carried out by some so called Muslims during the past few years and said, it was, therefore, even more important that we Ahmadis present a picture of true Islam by our words and deeds.

The National Secretary Tarbiyyat Nisar Orchard sahib made his presentation with the help of power point. This was a very interactive session where Nisar Sahib touched on the role of the National Tarbiyyat team, the moral values that all Ahmadis should aspire to possess and therefore what constitutes the profile of a good Ahmadi.   The members of the Jama’at had an opportunity to pose questions throughout the session on a range of Tarbiyyat matters.

Nisar Sahib also told the audience that since he had been given the responsibility as a National Secretary Tarbiyyat, his aim has been to try to go to every jama’at up and down the country emphasising the importance of tarbiyyat of Ahmadis. He said that he travelled from London and arrived in Bradford at around 1.30a.m, had some rest and joined the Tahajjud and Fajr prayers. He highlighted the importance of attentively listening, understanding, remembering and acting upon the message given by Hazrat Ameer ul Momineen (may Allah be his helper) in his Friday sermons. He said all the Ahmadis should present the true teaching of Islam by their actions and words. There was a short recess at 1.30p.m for Zohar prayers and lunch. This also seemed like the perfect opportunity for a group photo of the male attendees.

The programme restarted at 2.15.p.m. There was then a quiz competition between Bradford North and Bradford South Jama’ats which was narrowly won by the Bradford North team. There was also a question/answer session. The men, ladies and children asked many questions which were answered by Nisar Orchard sahib.

In the final session, Maulana Mubarak Ahmad Basra sahib offered the vote of thanks and thanked Nisar Orchard sahib for all his hard work which he was carrying out and the Jama’at members for taking part in this very important programme. Everyone present enjoyed the day and found it motivating. The audience in this session was approximately 150 men, ladies and children.

The programme ended with silent prayer and Asr prayer at 3.35p.m led by Maulana Mubarak Ahmad Basra sahib. The date for the next quarterly meeting is planned to be held in April with the precise date to be agreed between Nisar Sahib and the Presidents of both Bradford North and Bradford South.

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