Bromley & Lewisham

Report by Malik Waheed Sahib – Secretary Tarbiyyat, Bromley & Lewisham Jamaat

Bromley & Lewisham Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 15th May, 2015

Tilawat: Mukaram Dr. Ijaz ur Rehman sb

Introduction: Mukaram Sadar Sb Bromley & Lewisham

                      (Abdul Momin Aamer)

Presentation: Mukaram Nisar Orchad Sb (Sec. Tarbiyyat UK)

 Bromley and Lewisham organized tarbiyyat day for jammat members on 9th May 2015. By the grace of Allah program started at 6:30pm with recitation of Holy Quran by Dr. Ijaz ur Rehman sb. After that Muhtaram Sadr Sb Jammat Bromley and Lewisham (Abdul Momin Aamer sb) gave a brief overview of the program and its purpose. He also introduced local Jammat with Mukaram Nisar Orchad sb. After this Nisar Orchad sb gave a comprehensive presentation on the first section of the National Tarbiyyat plan. During this he also had an interactive session with the participating members. The emphasis was on listening to Hazoor Friday Sermons and also congregational prayers. He gave and presented jammat with a very clear view of the plan we all have received from Centre. The program finished at 8:30pm which was followed by Maghrib & Isha Prayers. After that members were served with dinner. 


Ansar 10
Khuddam 3
Atfal 5
Lajna 14
Nasirat 4
Children 4

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