Report by Zafar Mahmood Noor – Secertary Tarbiyyat, Burntwood Jamaat

Burntwood Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 27th December, 2015

On 27th December we held a Tarbiyyat Seminar in Firecroft primary school in Tooting SW17 7PG London.

We started our Tarbiyyat Forum on time, Tilawat with Urdu translation was recited by Noman Ahmad, followed by Urdu Nazam by Rahim Buksh Sahib.
A detailed presentation was given by Naib Secretary Tarbiyyat UK Mohammad Waseem Zahid Sahib about moral values. He talked about bad habits and addictive habits. He also talked about family life, watching TV, playing on the phone and use of Internet.
He talked about Festive Islamic days and how we celebrate them.
He also told us the ways to get Taqwa. That was a detailed presentation of more than 80 minutes. PA system was set up for Forum audience by Fazal Umar Dogar Sahib.

A Jamaat General Meeting was held after Tarbiyyat Forum, Murabbi  Khursheed Munawar Sahib delivered speech on ‘Life of Mohamad’ and on Khilafat, Jamaat members responsibilities.

The program ended with silent prayer (Dua).

After that dinner was served, we prayed Maghrib and Isha together.
Total attendance was 73 (Ansar/Khuddam/Lajna/Itfal and Boys, Girls) and, Guest 3.

All Jamaat members thoroughly enjoyed this program and they would like to have such programs on Quarter Basis if possible.

Thanks to Maulana Munawar Khursheed Sahib, Waseem Ahmed Zahid Sahib and to and all Jamaat members who attended and helped to organise the successful program.

Special prayers for Secretary Tarbiyyat UK Nasir Orchard Sahib continues effort to organise this programme.