Report by Syed Aamir Sikander – Secertary Tarbiyyat, Burton on Trent Jamaat

Burton on Trent Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 20th February, 2016


Burton Upon Trent Jamaat held their 2nd Jamaat Tarbiyyat Day at Priory Centre on the morning of Saturday 20/02/2016.
The program started at 10am with Tilawat e Quran & translation by Mohammed Zahoor Ahmed. This was then followed by a brief introduction by the President of the Jamaat, Syed Raheel Zakria.
The floor was then handed over to Additional Secretary finance, Mr. Saeed Khan sahib to give a short presentation on financial matters. He explained that Finance was not very well understood and he wanted to clear up some of the misunderstandings on various chandajaats. This was an interactive session which included questions from the floor.
This was then followed by a power point presentation by Nisar Orchard Sahib. He dealt with matters relating to tarbiyyat and specifically emphasised the importance of Salat and listening to Huzoors Khutabaats. The session was very interactive and had questions flowing between presenter and audience, comprising atfal, khuddam and ansar.  Nasirat and Lajna were able to table their questions in writing. Nisar sahib suggested that the local President (Syed Raheel Zakria) and Local Tarbiyyat Secretary (Syed Aamir Sikander) were jointly responsible for tarbiyyat in the local Jamaat, he asked members if they knew who these were? One atfal said the president was David Cameron.  
The program ended at 12:30 pm with silent prayers led by Nisar Orchard Sahib. Collective Salat Zohr and Asar was offered, led by Nisar sahib followed by a delicious lunch.
Nisar sahib encouraged Burton Jamaat to book further tarbiyyat days in the year. He suggested that 3 to 4 such days should be planned and held every year.
A total number of 58 members including Lajna and Nasirat participated in this event.