Report by Usman Khan – Tarbiyyat Secertary, Clapham Jamaat

Clapham Jamaat Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 6th February, 2016

Alhamdu lillah, Carshalton Jamaat held their second Tarbiyyat Day on Saturday 6th February 2016 at St. John’s Church, Northdown Rd, Sutton SM2 6DY. Nisar Orchard sahib, National Secretary Tarbiyyat kindly joined us to deliver a presentation to the jamaat. Members were invited to arrive by 6:30 and the session started at approx. 7pm.

The feedback from the members was positive however some members expressed the view that the event seemed to run longer than the first Tarbiyyat Day; this impression may have been due to members arriving while the setup was still underway and they had to wait. In reality, the event was of a similar length to the previous event.

We should also consider changing the format for the next event as this time members were not engaging in the discussions during the presentation. A proposal will be presented to National Secretary Tarbiyyat for consideration. The attendance was less than the previous event although the auxiliary organisations made an effort to inform members more so than the first event. For the next event, we should aim to distribute leaflets and also ensure each household is spoken to over the phone.

After the event, Isha was offered and dinner consisting of Biryani rice was served. InshaAllah the next Tarbiyyat Day will be held in May.



Tanzeem Tarbiyyat Day 1 Tarbiyyat Day 2
Ansar 14 10
Khuddam 16 13
Lajna 35 26
Atfal 8 6
Nasirat 7 11
Total 80 66