Report by Ehsan Giny – Secretary Tarbiyyat Clapham Jamaat

Clapham Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 15th March, 2015

Time and effort was invested beforehand by ansar, khuddam and lajna office bearers to inform and persuade members to participate, which paid off, Alhamdulillah. The event was attended by a total of 116 jamat members including 65 on the lajna side, 20 ansar, 15 khuddam and 16 atfal.

The programme was chaired by the National Secretary Tarbiyyat, Mr Nisar Orchard Sahib. It started soon after 6.00pm with congregational Maghrib salat led by Orchard Sahib. Recitation with English and Urdu translation of verses from Surah Juma of the Holy Quran was done by Mr Ahsan Muhammad. This was followed by a brief welcome and introduction address by the local secretary Tarbiyyat, Ehsanullah Giny and the main event was conducted by Mr Nisar Orchard sahib.

Nisar Orchard sahib had prepared an excellent interactive powerpoint presentation which started with slides of the local landmarks and icons. He started by asking questions about them which immediately captured the attention of all present and this interest was maintained throughout by him involving the participants by asking questions and inviting comments at every stage of the informative presentation. He discussed the importance of having salat centres and populating them for congregational salat. The audience was advised to listen to Huzur’s Friday khutbas more than once and to review them in meetings. Various aspects of moral conduct and values that every Ahmadi must seek to achieve were also discussed.

The members asked questions throughout the programme and made it a lively event. Nisar Sahib encouraged the members to arrange more of such programmes and offered to help in any way that he can, Jazakumullah.

The programme was concluded with silent prayer led by Sadr Sahib Clapham, Mr Tariq Uppal Sahib. Isha salat was performed in congregation led by Ahsan Muhammad Sahib and dinner of delicious Biryani and Zarda prepared, at Baitul Futuh kitchen, by our local member Mr Abdul Hadi Sahi Sahib, was enjoyed by all.

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