Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 31st January 2016

Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 4th October, 2015


Report by A A Orakzai – Tarbiyyat Secretary, Coventry Jamaat

Coventry Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 4th October, 2015

Venue: St Paul’s community centre Foleshill road Coventry.

Coventry Jamaat held its Tarbiyyat day and with the blessings of Almighty Allah it was very successful event. The naib of national secretary tarbiyyat, Mr Dabir A Bhatti sahib attended.

It started at 2:30 pm with combined zuhur and Asr prayers. After that Mr Suleiman Yusuf sahib started the event with recitation of the Holy Quran.

The president of Coventry Jamaat, Mr Mumtaz Ahmad Malik gave a short speech introducing the guest, Mr Bhatti, to all the participants. Mr malik also urged the members of the jamat to pay the chanda’s of waqfe jaded as the year is ending very soon and some members are still in arrears.

After that Mr Dabir Bhatti started his presentation on the projector. The hall was divided into two with a curtain in the middle to provide space for ladies. The presentation was interactive and Mr Bhatti was asking questions. Mostly the atfal were targeted by him but also the khuddam were asked a few questions and Alhamdullilah the answers given were right.

There were many topics to be discussed but because of the shortage of time the theme of presentation was set to “moral values”. Some other points like, salat, reciting the Holy Quran, tabiyyat of children were also discussed. Overall the presentation was very good and bhatti sahib did well to explain some core topics in a very short time. Specifically, members were advised to listen to Huzur’s Friday sermons because that is the complete guidance in this day and age.

The interesting point in the presentation was that every time Mr Bhatti wanted to explain something, he gave quotes from the Friday sermons of Huzur ATBA. In this manner he delivered a message that all kind of guidance and solutions of our daily problems can be found in the Friday sermons of Huzur ATBA. The key point is to listen to these sermons and then act upon it.

At the end one nasir of jamat, Mr Raja Fazil Ahmad was asked to lead us in silent prayers. Some refreshments were offered to all participants of tarbiyyat day.

After the event, I spoke to a few members of jamat and they seemed very content about the event and were willing to conduct another tarbiyyat day and urge other members who were absent for some reasons today and could not attend.

I, tarbiyyat secretary of Coventry jamat, was asked by Bhatti sahib to book another day and invite the national secretary tarbiyyat Mr Nisar Orchard sahib. I agreed and inshallah will book another day in the near future.

The attendance was;

14 lajna, 9 nasiraat,

3 Atfaal, 7 Ansar and 11 khuddam.  The event finished at 4:30pm.