Tarbiyyat Day, Crawley; 1st February-2015

Tarbiyyat Day, Crawley Jamaat 11th  October, 2015


Report by Raja Naseem Ahmad Secretary Tarbiyyat, Crawley

Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Crawley; 1st February-2015

Al-Hamdo Lillah, the Tarbiyyat Department Crawley has organised its last annual session of its Tarbiyyat Day series 2014-15 under Tarbiyyat programme, as following:

Date:                                   1st February-15
Venue:                                Noor Mosque, Crawley
Time:                                  Started from Tahajjud Prayer 5.30 to 16.30 hrs
Salat Fajr and Dars-e-Qur’an     7.00 am

crawley100 Academic session started at exactly 10.30am under the Chair of the National Secretary Tarbiyyat who had arrived at the mosque at 8.00 am;Being the First one! crawley101

Planning & Implementation of the Event

crawley102 As we have been organising the series of Taleem-o-Tarbiyyat Days since last February 2014 with an objective of educating our members on the National Syllabus set forth by the Centre. crawley103

We successfully organised three previous days as in February-14, May-14 and in November-2014 that were much appreciated and encouraging for the Tarbiyyat team, Crawley towards completing the yearly plan on Tarbiyyat. We received a lot of guidance and support for planning, developing and organising this event from the National Secretary Tarbiyyat, Mr Nisar Orchard Sahib along with their team members Maulana Mubashir Sahib, Maulvi Hummayun Uppal Sahib, Maulvi Atta-ur-Rahman Sahib, Mr. Dabir Bhatti Sahib and others who presided our meetings for Planning, delivering and monitoring purposes. We are very grateful for their valuable support and advice.

A Special Event:

crawley104 This Tarbiyyat Activity of 1st February had a very novel and beautiful session of video presentation on Islam, Qur’an, Promised Messiah and the General Tarbiyyat of all members that made this activity day a novel one. Special efforts go to the National Tarbiyyat team for an excellent presentation on above matters. crawley105
Here I shouldn’t forget the efforts of our local team under the direction of Sadr-e-Jama’at Crawley and technical assistance of our Tifl, Master Moghysse Javaid who prepared the base of our presentation on digital format.
crawley106  I personally thank to all of them in addition to the Team of Secretary Ziafat, Registration, Reception   and datakeeping including preparing results after Quiz Competition under the supervision of Acting Quaid Mobeen Shahzad Sahib and Acting Zaeem Ansarullah, Mian Nasir Ahmed Sahib. crawley107

This competition was very much enjoyed by all from Atfal to Ansar, Khuddam and Nasrat, as well.


While our local Tarbiyyat Team prepared a Syllabus for full year of 2015-2016, the day syllabus was developed by the centre Tarbiyyat Team. Initially we included following subjects for the forum:

  • God Almighty
  • The Holy Qur’an
  • Hadith
  • Early History of Islam
  • Revival of Islam

A presentation was also prepared covering the above. During the meeting under the Chair of Mr Nisar Orchard Sahib, the syllabus was developed in view of insufficient time for covering all above topics during a day. So we decided to amend the subjects as under:

  • The Revival of Islam
  • Early History of Islam
  • Tarbiyyat in General & Al-Qur’an

The following Tutors delivered excellent lectures very comprehensively:

  • Mr Humayun Uppal Sahib Regional Murabbi (Revival of Islam)
  • Mr Atta-UR-Rahman Sahib Murabbi-Silsila (History of Islam)
  • Nisar Orchard Sahib (General Tarbiyyat)
  • Al-Qur’an Class was also taken by Maulana MUbashir Sahib, Murabbi Silsila


As mentioned earlier a comprehensive lecture was beautifully delivered by the National Secretary Sahib with a persuasive presentation on shining virtues of high standards for all. It was easily understandable, impressive and to the point. All enjoyed the same. Jazak Allah!

Another speciality of this event was the Quiz organised by Mr. Nisar Orchard Sahib based on general information and religious knowledge. Two teams were constituted and ten questions each were given.

At the End Team of Mubarak sahib stood first while the second position went to the team of Yusuf Mirza Sahib. Barak Allah Hum.

At the end the achievement certificates were distributed by Mr Nisar Orchard sahib to the participants and the winner of Quiz competition.

crawley109 crawley111
crawley110 crawley112

Statistics of the event:

Tahajjud Prayer: 6
Fajr Prayer: 8
Dars-e-Qur’an: Secretary Taleem-o-Tarbiyyat
Ziafat: Mr Ayub Yakub Sahib assisted with Haris Mohammad Sahib
Reception, prizes and data: Mr Mansoor Ahmed
Service, Set-up and Wind-up: Mobeen Ahmad, Nabeel Nadeem and Mr Mansoor Adamoko
Monitoring: Sadr-e-Jama’t
Organiser: Secretary Tarbiyyat, Crawley
Attendance at Start 10.30: 10
Attendance at 11.30: 25
Full Participation before end of First Session: 38
Ansar and Khuddam 18
Atfal 12
Nasrat 2
Lajna 6
Total 38

Final Session was conducted with recitation of Holy Qur’an and its translation. A short report was submitted by the undersigned, and then a vote of thanks was offered by Abdul Ghafoor Javiad Sahib, Sadr Crawley. In the end the Chair, National Secretary Sahib delivered his valuable address on tarbiyyat.

Though the attendance wasn’t much admirable, but it was appreciated to know that an event of Lajna in the centre was also participated by Lajna and of course the men were busy a day before that caused an excuse for the said cause. Moreover four of our regular participating members were out of country, as well.We are confident to improve the attendance in future; In Sha Allah!

In the end I will request for prayers for us so that we might become more active in the cause of improving the Tarbiyyat of all concerned.

Jazak Allah!

Sincerely Yours,

Raja Naseem Ahmad
Secretary Tarbiyyat,

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