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Tarbiyyat Day, Crawley; 1st February-2015

Tarbiyyat Day, Crawley Jamaat 11th  October, 2015


Report by Raja Naseem Ahmad Secretary Tarbiyyat, Crawley Jamaat

Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Crawley Jamaat 11th  October, 2015

Report Tarbiyyat Day, 11th October2015, Noor Mosque, Crawley



  • An Organising Committee was constituted to monitor and execute various activities for the said Tarbiyyat Day. (Given below)
  • The Committee first fixed the Syllabus for the event that was forwarded to all stakeholders well in advance.
  • Necessary budget and other information was forwarded to the Centre for approval and after the grant of aropsal, the activities were commenced under the Monitoring of local Sadr Jama’at.

Activities in advance:

  • Liaison with all heads of local Jama’at organisation and with Murabbiyan Silsila involved and the National Tarbiyyat Secretary
  • Syllabus was prepared and necessary copies for participants prepared in advance
  • The copies of said syllabus were provided to Class Tutors.
  • A representation was prepared for displaying on the Day event (Two Atfal, Moghysse & Taheed Ahmad made special efforts- Jazak Allah!)
  • Food arrangements and certificates preparing activity was executed by the respective members of the Organising Committee

The Day of Event:

  • After Salat Tahajjud and Fajr, the activities started at 1015hrs with Breakfast.
  • The National Secretary arrived well advance and started the set-up of projector before the session
  • The Opening session was started in time1117hrs with recitation of Holy Qur’an
  • Mr Nisar Orchard Sahib delivered a very interesting, and beneficial lecture on the subject of Usage Of Internet and Social Media with a wonderful display electronically on a big screen.
  • 37 participants were present in this session inclusive Nasrat, Atfal, Lajna, Khuddam and Ansar.
  • The session was closed at 1245hrs when the National Secretary proceeded to his next Class in New Malden Jama’at.

After this memorable session, local secretary Tarbiyyat delivered a lecture on awareness towards Salat with exhibition how to complete salat postures prepared with focuss on Atfal/Nasrat

A break for Salat and lunch was observed and the Academic Session was commenced at 1420hrs during that two subjects were coverd very eloquently by our respected Murabbiyan, M/S Raja Burhan Ahmed Sahib and Mr Humayun Uppal Sahib.

The History of Islam was covered by Raja Burhan Sahib and the Revival of islam was discussed beautifully by Mr Humayun Uppal Sahib.

The oral lectures of both Sahiban were exhibited electronically with the efforts of two Atfal mentioned earlier

Final Session:

This session was chaired by the Regional Amir, Mr Ahsan Ahmed Sahib. The session started with recitation of the Holy Qur’an and then a short report on Day’s activity was produced. The Chief Guest addressed the participants briefly but very comprehensively and threw the light on the importance of Salat and Tarbiyyat issues for each Ahmadi.

The day programme was concluded with Silent Prayer.

Attendance is given below:

  1. Ansar         9
  2. Khuddam         14
  3. Atfal         8
  4. Nasrat         8
  5. Lajna         11
  6. Total         43

The co-operation from all members of organisations was extremely remarkable. Jazak Allah!