Report by Dr Golam Kabir – Tarbiyyat Secretary Jamaat Dundee

Dundee Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 27th, September 2015

By the Grace of Allah The Almighty , Dundee Jama’at held their first Tarbiyyat day on Sunday 27th of September 2015. Preparation for the day started about a month earlier and President sahib and Secretary sahib were in constant contact with National Secretary Tarbiyyat , respected Nisar Orchard sahib who provided guidance and advice with regards to the event and its importance.  Dundee is a relatively new jama’at and number of members changes regularly as most of the members here start their life as student and move away after they finish their studies and also get jobs.

Programme for the day was:

1. Welcome / Introduction by President sahib and then recitation of Holy Quran with translation
2. Presentation by respected Nisar Orchard sahib
3. Quiz competition between team A and B
4: Food and drink
5. Prayer (Zohur and Asar)  and end of the meeting led by Regional Murabi sahib.

The meeting started on exact time at 11 am and ended at about 14:55; In attendance were the Kuddam, Lajna, Ansar, Atfal and consisted of Dundee Jama’at members.  Reginal Murabbi sahib and Regional Qaid sahib MKA Scotland also joined with few brothers from Glasgow. Total numbers of members in attendance were about 30 in total.

Local jama’at members through the support of Lajna prepared delicious meal for the occasion. The programme was held at a hired Hall this time and we hope Insa Allah, next time we would have our own mosque.

It was a very successful event and we hope to invite Nisar Orchard sahib soon again to Dundee Jammat  for another Tarbiyyat Day. May Allah bless us all who sacrificed their time and effort to attend this all important event and hope they all get benefit from the event.