Report by Dr Abdul Haye – President Edinburgh Jamaat

Edinburgh Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 25th January, 2015

The Edinburgh Tarbiyyat programme was arranged on 25th Jan 2015. The programme started after recitation of Holy Quran and silent prayer. Nisar Orchard Sb, the  Tarbiyyat Secretary Uk, very kindly honoured the Edinburgh Jama’at by attending and delivering speeches.

The jama’at members really enjoyed the discussions. The importance of Tarbiyyat of youngsters was addressed and different aspects of tarbiyyat were discussed. Some of the important aspects like pre-marriage, post marriage counselling, Janaza, burial arrangements, promoting Friday sermons, and Ramadan Dars etc were briefly touched upon.

The open discussion about ‘What we want from Life’ was very much educating for members Jama’at. The moral virtues and there importance in our life was also discussed.

After first session the Zohar and Aser prayers were offered followed by lunch. The two Q&A sessions were arranged by dividing the male members in two teams. The programme concluded with silent prayer.

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  1. Fozia Khan says:

    Is there any programme for building a new mosque in Scotland in the future JazakAllah?

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