Epsom & Ewell – 3

Tarbiyyat Day, Epsom & Ewel: 4th January, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day, Epsom & Ewel: 6th September, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day, Epsom & Ewel: 5th February, 2016


Report by Saleem-ul-Haq Khan, Secertary Tarbiyyat Epsom & Ewell Jamaat

Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Epsom & Ewel: 5th February, 2016

3rd Tarbiyyat Day activity was held at Mubarak Siddiqui Sahib’s house in Epsom on Friday 5.02.2016. The program was scheduled to be held at Dantree School, the usual local jamaat activities center. In a very short notice, the unavailability of centre required us to hold the program elsewhere. By the grace of Allah, within short very notice the jamaat was informed of changed venue. Alhamdolillah, 45 members including children attended. Due to shortage of space, Lajna members could not attend, who were initially expected to attend at Dantree School. The program started at around 6.30pm. Nisar Orchard sahib Secretary Tarbiyyat, UK made his presentation which lasted for one hour. It was interactive session which attracted immense interest and very effective in instilling desire in every one present to act upon every virtue and shun every vice enumerated in presentation. It was an hour long spiritually uplifting session of presentation with PowerPoint by Mr Nisar Orchard, Secretary Tarbiyyat UK. The presentation comprised an expected conduct of a good Ahmadi muslim in all spheres of his daily life. Mr Orchard, described moral and spiritual aspects of a good living as expected by the Holy Quran, Sunnah, Hazrat Masih e Maood a.s and the Khilafat. The presentation also covered the ways of improving domestic family lives through prayers. It was strongly emphasised that we should offer our 5 times prayers in congregation. The presentation followed by interesting question/answer activity. The presentation concluded followed by speech by Nasim Bajwa sahib Imam Baitul Futuh on the topic of tarbiyyat. He specially emphasised the participation in Nizam e wasiyyat. A number of members present who were not musis, promised to participate in Nizam e wasiyyat. The program followed by silent prayers. The program concluded with group photographs followed by Namaz e Isha and dinner. The program started with recitation of holy Quran by Wasim Chaudhry sahib.