Fazl Mosque East

Report by Imran Ahmad – General Secretary, Fazl Mosque Jamaat

Fazl Mosque Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 20th, November 2015

By the grace of Allah Mosque East Jamaat held a Tarbiyyat Day on Friday 20-11-2015. In order to make it a successful event, Tarbiyyat Secretary Sahib started informing members of the Jamaat 3 weeks in advance through text messages, letters were sent through group leaders and reminders were made by Tarbiyyat committee comprises of Amila members. Auxiliary organisations also took part in reminding members about this important event.

Qaid Sahib and his team assisted on the day with the arrangements for the event. Sound system was arranged by Secretary Sahib Sami Basri.

Program started at 7:10. Muhammad Salman Sahid sahib read a portion from the Holy Quran, Surah Bani Israil Verses 79-82.

After the recitation of the Holy Quran, National Secretary Sahib Tarbiyyat started the interactive Tarbiyyat program with the help of slide show, highlighting the basic Tarbiyyat issues. The purpose of the creation of mankind, the purpose of the advent of Promised Messiah and Khulafa. How we can fulfils our duties towards our Creator and Jamaat. The Tarbiyyat of our young and old. Members of all ages including Lajna and children fully utilised this opportunity of interactive program. After two hours of comprehensive and productive discussion this session was concluded with Ishaa prayers.  Sadr Sahib made some announcements.

In the end dinner, a tasty chicken biryani with raita was served by the Ziafat team which was cooked by Baitul Futuh Ziafat team.

All the members are very thankful to Secretary Sahib Tarbiyyat and his team for a very comprehensive and interactive program.

May Allah bless all the participants abundantly, ameen.

Member’s Participation Breakdown:

Ansar                 22 / 60
Khuddam           18 / 59
Lajna               29 / 107
Atfal                   16 / 26
Nasirat               15 / 32
Boys                  11 / 29
Girls                     5 / 12
Total              116 / 325