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Fazl Mosque South Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 21st June, 2015

Fazl Mosque South & West Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 14th February, 2016


Report by Rasheed Ahmed Basit – President, Fazl Mosque South Jamaat

Fazl Mosque South Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 21st June, 2015



  • 67 Lajna/Nasirat/Under 7
  • 60 Khuddam/Ansar/Itfal

By the grace of Allah the Almighty, Jama’at Mosque South is pleased to present the report for the Tarbiyyat Seminar which was held on Sunday 21st June 2015 from 7.00pm till 9.15pm; which was lead by National Secretary Tarbiyyat, Mr Nisar Orchard Sahib and Dr Majeeb ul Haq Sahib; Regional Amir for London A region, followed by Iftari, for both Mosque South and Mosque West

The preparation of this event started two weeks prior to the date with the invitation to Mr Nisar Orchard Sahib and we are very blessed and grateful that he took out the time to present us with this seminar. This programme was started with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an; and to make this seminar both more efficient and useful for all, a projector and screen was placed on the Lajna side so they could benefit equally.

Before the Iftari, as there was time, a quiz was held between 2 groups on both general knowledge and knowledge about Islam, which served to be excessively motivating and valuable for all attendees.

The summary of the seminar is outlined below:

  • Issues being faced include:
    • Christmas is being celebrated excessively in Ahmadi households
    • Flowers are being placed on graves
      • It was cleared that flowers do not serve any purpose and it counts as biddat; and we should just pray for the deceased.
    • Do not take part in celebrating these innovations.
  • In daily lives, Muslims seek to gain righteousness – moral values – Taqwah
    • Regarding this, the Promised Messiah [as] said:

‘Wonderful is the Jewel the name of which is righteousness. Blessed is he who shows righteousness. So O ye Muslim! Perfect your righteousness.’

  • Purpose of Religion:
    • It was outlined that parents are unable to answer questions either due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of time…
    • …this results in à youngsters becoming more independent and start to question religion.
  • It was said that the best thing parents can give their children is a good upbringing.
  • Ways in which we can acquire righteousness; there are many but 3 were elaborated upon:
    • Prayers
    • Marriage
    • Fasting


Cherished goal of righteousness

  • Summing up overall, Mr Nisar Orchard Sahib said that we should be:

‘Continuously striving towards Perfection’

  • In this sense, perfection refers to bettering oneself.

Below, I have attached some pictures accompanying this event.

May Allah the Almighty enable us all to act on these advices and better ourselves so we can strive in the eyes of Allah. Ameen.

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