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Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 7th February, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 8th May, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 22nd November, 2015


Report by Sheikh Naseer Ahmad – President Gillingham Jamaat

Gillingham Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 8th May, 2015


On Friday the 8th of May 2015, Nisar Orchard Sahib, Tarbiyyat Secretary UK, visited Nasir Mosque Gillingham for a 7pm Tarbiyyat Forum. The attendance was very good. A total of 83 Jamaat members made use of this valuable opportunity. There were 41 men and 42 ladies.

The general topic of discussion was living in the western culture and how best to face the challenge of materialism. The forum was based on an interactive format and members were free to interject during the discourse. There was a discussion on various issues ranging from Purdah to attendance at the Mosque.

The discussion/forum ended for Maghrib and Isha prayers at 9pm. This was followed by dinner.

Another Tarbiyyat forum is hoped to be arranged before the Jalsa.

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