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Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 7th February, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 8th May, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 22nd November, 2015


Report by Sheikh Naseer Ahmad – President Gillingham Jamaat

Gillingham Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 22nd November, 2015

On Sunday 22nd November 2015, the Gillingham Jama’at held their third Tarbiyyat Day at their Nasir Mosque. The event was for all members of the jama’at (ladies and gentlemen) and a total of 81 people attended (41 women and 40 men). The main speaker from the centre was the National Tarbiyyat Secretary, Nisar Orchard Sahib.

The tarbiyyat day fitted in with the tarbiyyat programme of a jama’at general meeting. The programme started at 5 p.m. with recitation of the Holy Qu’ran and its english translation by Yasser Khan Sahib. Nazm was performed by Iftikhar Waseem Sahib and jama’at circulars and announcements were read out. The tarbiyyat programme then started with Nisar Orchard Sahib hosting the presentation.

The presentation was relayed to the ladies with an emphasis on interaction and questions from the floor. Topics covered included dangers of the internet, text talk used by youngsters and unnecessary innovations celebrated by some jama’at members. Questions were taken and a number of discussions took place (the issue of wedding anniversaries in particular sparking a lively debate). The tarbiyyat programme finished at 7 p.m. with closing remarks by Nasir Mirza Sahib and silent prayer, led by local murrabi, Safeer Zartasht Sahib.

Dinner was served in the hall downstairs with the guests enjoying a superb

meal cooked by local members, the menu comprising of aloo gosht, daal and ice cream sweetdish. This was Gillingham jama’ats third tarbiyyat day and all members have found all three days informative, beneficial and enjoyable. We look forward to number 4!