Report by Mr Saad Saud – President Havering Jamaat

Havering Jamaat Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 26th April 2016

Havering Jamaat arranged a Tarbiyyat Activity Session on the evening of Tuesday 26th April 2016 at Baitul Ahad Newham. Nisar Orchard Sahib, Secretary Tarbiyyat UK kindly attended the event. Twenty five members of the Jamaat including Ansar, Khuddam, Lajna and children were present.

The session started at 7:30pm with recitation of the Holy Quran by Dr Saleel Latif Sahib. Sadr Jamaat Saad Saud Sahib then welcomed Nisar Orchard Sahib and requested him to address the gathering.

Nisar Sahib presented a most enlightening PowerPoint on the subject of Tarbiyyat.  Amongst the many inspiring points raised, members were particularly reminded about the Hazoor’s recent Friday sermon on the importance of congregational prayers as a means of making progress towards righteousness.  Members were also reminded about the responsibilities placed on them by accepting the ten conditions of bait.

The session ended at 9:00pm and dinner was served. This was followed by Maghrib and Isha prayers in congregation.

Many thanks to Secretary Tarbiyyat Sahib for giving his valuable time. Inshallah we will hold another session very soon.