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Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 11th July, 2015

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Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 24th December, 2015


Report by Adrees Ahmed – Secretary Tarbiyyat, Hayes Jamaat

Hayes Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 11th July, 2015 

By the grace of Almighty Allah, another Tarbiyyat day was held in Hayes Jamaat on Saturday 11th July 2015 in Baitul Aman mosque

An excitement could be seen on member’s faces when they heard that there is going to be another Tarbiyyiat event on 11th July. An announcement was made on Friday prayer about the event and subsequent reminders were sent out to all members.

At the beginning of programme, the attendance was not appreciable but in next half an hour, an excellent attendance was seen both on men and ladies sides. It was estimated that about 85 Ansar, Khuddam and Itefal participated and bout 100 Lajna benefited from this day.  A very positive feedback from members was to hold the next event soon. With consultation of Secretary Tarbiyyiat UK it was decided that Hayes jmaat should hold their next tarbiyyiat day before Jalsa Salana 2015.

The programme started around 7:45pm with recitation of the Holy Quran and translation by Naeem Uddin sahib. Secretary Nisar Orchard sahib chaired the event. Nisar Orchard sahib then gave us a very interesting and inspiring presentation on Tarbiyyat which continued to Maghrib prayer. Several questions was asked by Nisar sahib from previous Friday sermons during presentation which made the programme very interesting. Numbers of questions were raised by men side. The presentation remained interesting and was full of knowledge throughout the course. Programme ended with silent prayer by Nisar sahib.

Aftari was served in neighbouring community hall followed by Maghrib prayer and then by Dinner.

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