Hounslow North-4

Report by Abid A Nasir – Secretary Tarbiyyat, Hounslow North Jamaat

Hounslow North Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 27th February, 2016

Date: Saturday 27/02/2016

The agenda for the fourth Tarbiyyat Day in Hounslow North attended by Nisar Orchard Sahib, Secretary Tarbiyyat UK was as follows:

1.       Maghrib Prayers led by Nisar Orchard Sahib

2.       Tilawat with English Translation – Azeemam Mohammad Shahzad Sahib

3.       Welcome & Vote of thanks – Abid Nasir Sahib

4.       Presentation 1 on the topic ‘Why we are Ahmadi?’ – Azeemam Irfan Qureshi

5.       Main Presentation on the topic ‘Importance of Marriage’ – Nisar Orchard Sahib

6.       Dinner

7.       Ishaa Prayers led by Mualana Hafeez Khokar Sahib

Alhumdolilah we started and finished on time according to the above agenda. The first presentation was conducted by a Khadim who teaches the local Atfal class. It was his first attempt and Alhumdolilah he was very good. May Allah increase his knowledge and grant him wisdom to do more. Ameen.

The main presentation by Nisar Orchard Sahib was really well received by all who attended especially the Lajna. It was an interesting and informative, and we received very positive feedback. May Allah enable us to achieve the piety according to Hazoor’s (May Allah be his helper) wishes. Ameen.

Attendance for the event was:

·         20 Ansar

·         18 Khuddam

·         12 Atfal

·         30 Lajna

·         15 Nasirat

·         Total attendance: 95