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Tarbiyyat Day, Hounslow South: 15th November, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day, Hounslow South: 6th March, 2015


Report by Hounslow South Jamaat

Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Hounslow South: 6th March, 2015

Tarbiyyat Activity Day

06 March, 2015 Baitul Wahid, Hounslow-South

Alhamdolillah, a Tarbiyyat event was held in the evening of Friday 06 March, 2015 at Baitul Wahid Mosque in Hounslow-South Jamaat. This event was part of the recent Tarbiyyat plan that was introduced by the centre to improve aspects of individual and collective Tarbiyyat at all levels in the UK.

The program started at 7 pm with recitation from holy Qura’n and welcome. This was followed by a comprehensive interactive PowerPoint presentation was then made by our National Secretary Tarbiyyat respected Nisar Orchard Sahib, who specially came to grace this occasion.

In the presentation, he emphasized the importance of building and developing moral values for not only getting closer to our Creator but also to benefit the society as a whole from such virtues.  He stressed that these characteristics should be acquired and applied in all spheres of our life such as education, employment and family matters.

Not only the contents of his presentation were excellent, the interactive approach made every one feel part of the program all along.

After the presentation, Isha prayers were offered in congregation and dinner was served. Following dinner, summaries of some of Huzoor’s Friday sermon and were distributed along with sweets.

Members of Hounslow-South Jamaat are very grateful to respected Orchard Sahib for his efforts to increase the level of Tarbiyyat among Ahmadies. Hounslow-South Jamaat.

Many questions were asked and the feedback on the event very good any empasised..

We will inshallah arrange similar and regular programmes in the future as outlined in the UK Tarbiyyat plan.

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