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Tarbiyyat Day Report Huddersfield North –  Date 9th October, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day, Huddersfield North & South and Spen Valley: 4th January, 2015


Report by Dr Abid Ahmad, North East Region

Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Huddersfield North & South and Spen Valley: 4th January, 2015

This event began at 6pm on Saturday 21st March 2015 at Baitul Tauhid, Huddersfield with Tilawat by Mukabar Ahmed. This was followed by a Nazam by Sadiq Ayoub. The Regional Missionary, Maulana Sabahat Karim then gave a short address. Murrabi Sahib spoke about the truth of the Promised Messiah, narrating some stories proving the truthfulness of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Once the Promised Messiah was involved in a debate with Muhammad Hussain Batalvi. At this debate Muhammad Hussain Batalvi stated that he accepted the Holy Qur’an first, then Hadith and then Sunnah. The Promised Messiah said I agree with this and said nothing more. The Promised Messiah was there to uphold the truth which had already been spoken so he didn’t need to say anything. Some people were expecting a long debate on this topic but there was no need. That night the Promised Messiah received revelation from Allah telling him that Allah was content with what he had said that day and also the famous revelation that “Kings will seek blessings from thy garments” (Reference: Hayate Tayyaba, page 31 by Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Sahib).

Fatihul Haq (Hudds South Sadr), Nisar Orchard (National Tarbiyaat Secretary), Munir Ahmed (Hudds North Sadr), Arif Ahmad (Spen Valley Sadr), Maulana Sabahat Karim (Regional Missionary)

Saqib Yousaf then recited part of Al-Qaseedah after which Nisar Orchard Sahib, the National Tarbiyyat Secretary began his interactive PowerPoint presentation. He asked members who were the local Presidents and Tarbiyyat secretaries, as some Jamaat members did not know. After this the Tarbiyyat Secretary outlined some directives from Maulana Ataul Mujeeb Rashed (endorsed by Huzoor), such as:

  • Salat Centres and prayers in Congregation
  • Youth Drifting Away (for many different reasons)
  • Friday Sermons (listening to Huzoor’s sermons regularly)
  • Assistance of Musees (use them to generate activity)
  • Weekly Tarbiyyat Day (these need to be held regularly)

Some responsibilities of the central Tarbiyaat team were then discussed such as:

  • Pre Marriage Counselling (to assist as 20% of marriages are breaking down). The main reason for marriage breakdown is parental interference.
  • Post Marriage Counselling
  • Janaza, Burial Arrangement
  • Promoting Friday Sermons
  • Ramadhan, Dars, Etekhaf,
  • Many Other Things

Some of examples of Tarbiyyat topics that should be discussed at the weekly Tarbiyyat day are:

  • Developing Moral Values
  • Tarbiyyat for Children
  • On Patience and Thankfulness
  • Purification of the Heart
  • On Brotherhood
  • Enjoining Good &Forbidding Evil
  • On Matters Relating to Eating

Other points discussed included:

  • Our objective in life should be spiritual progress
  • We should all acquire virtue by showing the qualities of modesty, charity, humbleness and nobility
  • We should avoid vices like arrogance, greed, dysfunctionality and superiority
  • We should persevere to achieve Taqwa (righteousness) with prayers, tolerance, patience, steadfastness, nobility, simplicity, honesty, sympathy, humbleness, charity, modesty and kindness
  • Moral virtues include modesty, charity, humbleness, nobility, self-respect, respect for others, kindness, sympathy, honesty, forgiveness, simplicity, hospitality, gentleness, courage, goodness, nobility, patience, steadfastness, perseverance, charity, generosity, politeness, cleanliness, mercy, justice, self-control, contentment, cheerfulness, helpfulness, gratitude, chastity, tolerance, love and unselfishness
  • You are judged by the company you keep (bad company will affect you)
  • Man is the product of his thoughts. Immoral thoughts lead to an immoral character. Virtuous thoughts lead to a virtuous character. There is a saying “Your mind is like a garden”
  • Simplicity is a characteristic of virtuous living and the Holy Prophet has warned us against leading a life of luxury. There is a Hadith “Beware of leading a life of luxury for verily the servants of God never live luxurious lives”.

A vote of thanks was then given by the Huddersfield North Sadr. The meeting concluded at 8pm with a silent prayer after which Maghrib/Isha prayers were offered. Dinner was then distributed to all Jama’at members.

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