Tarbiyyat Day Report on 13th February, 2016

Tarbiyyat Day Report on 14th January 2015

Report by Naseer Khan – Secretary Tarbiyyat Inner Park Jamaat

Inner Park Tarbiyyat Day Report on 14th January 2015

With the blessings of Allah shoba Tarbiyyat of Inner Park organized their first tarbiyyat day on 14/01/2015. Although it was a working day and we were much worried about the attendance but with the blessings of Allah and Sadar Sahib’s lot of efforts the attendance was more than our expectations (80 Ansar Khuddam and Itfal).
Program started with the recitation of Holy Quran followed by Nazam after that Nisar Orchard Sahib introduced the segments of the program and invited everyone very frankly to interrupt him wherever they do not understand or need more clarifications.
With the help of Powerpoint presentations he focused on the issues of purpose of life, targets, efforts and ways of achievement.
And he involved everybody by questioning, examples and opinions and he guided us from the Quranic views, Hazrat Massihe Maud as sayings and Khulfae Ahmadiyyat Irshadaat.
After the end of this segment their was very interesting quiz program; two teams were arranged and very interesting general  and religious knowledge quiz program was hosted by his team.
Everybody enjoyed it and participated in it.
At the end of the program there was refreshment  of pakoras, samosas and tea was served to all the guests.

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