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Tarbiyyat Day Report on 13th February, 2016

Tarbiyyat Day Report on 14th January 2015

Report by Ahmad Noman Loun – Secretary Tarbiyyat Inner Park Jamaat

Inner Park Tarbiyyat Day Report on 13th February, 2016


This is a short report of Jamaat Inner Park’s Second Tarbiyyat Activity Day, which was held on Saturday 13th February at Ackroydon Hall with respected National Secretary Tarbiyyat UK, Nisar Orchard Sahib.
The event started at 11AM with Tilawat and translation recited by Noor Ahmad and a Nazam recited by Ahmad Noman Loun.
Then Mr Orchard Sahib started his presentation, which was very informative. The presentation touched upon important Tarbiyyat topics, beginning with the four biggest upcoming Tarbiyyat events in summer 2016, which are Ramadan, Etekaf, Eid ul Fitr and Jalsa Salana. Then Orchard Sahib explained to us the three stages of spiritual progress towards righteousness (taqwa), which are Nafse Ammara, Nafse Lawwama and Nafse Mutmainnah. And the three sources which help us to make this progress, namely prayers, marriage and fasting. Orchard Sahib put special emphasis on prayers and reminded us of Hudhur’s (atba) words, that we should always strive to pray the congregational prayer in the local mosque. He then went on to explain how marriage and fasting lead to greater levels of righteousness too. The presentation was concluded by a short question & answer session.
All Jamaat members, including the young Atfal were concentrated throughout the presentation. Orchard Sahib engaged with the audience at every slide, the Atfal were especially eager to reply to his questions. The Lajna could watch and listen to the presentation as well, as there was a beamer and speakers available on the Lajna side.
After the presentation and a concluding Dua, we prayed Zuhr and had lunch together. The total attendance was 40 on the men’s side and 80 on the ladies side.
The Tarbiyyat day was very successful, and we are looking forward to hold our third Tarbiyyat Activity day in three months (May) inshAllah.