Report by Hafiz Aziz –  Keighley Jamaat

Keighley Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 18th October, 2015

On Sunday 18th October National Secretary Tarbiyyat, Nasir Orchard Sahib visited Keighley Jamaat to address members.

In total, 7 men, 11 women, 7 boys and 5 girls attended.

The program began with recitation of the Holy Quran by Shahzad Ahmad Sahib. Sadr Sahib, Dr Aziz Hafiz Sb then welcomed Orchard Sahib and thanking him for visiting Keighley Jamaat.

The topics covered were extremely relevant for Keighley Jamaat for what is a fairly young Jamaat with a high tajneed of children and young adults.

The overall message that Orchard Sb aimed to get across to the members was that we should attain to gain a high level of righteousness within us and one of the main ways we can assess our levels of Tarbiyyat is by attendance at the Mosque for prayers and Jamaat programs.

Feedback from all members was very positive. Sadr Sahiba Lajna, Munira Hafiz said ‘All lajna found the session very useful. It was great that we were able to interact in the session especially the Quiz at the end. We will try go over the topics covered in one of our Lajna meeting in the future. We hope this is the first of many of its kind’.

Faheem Rahman said ‘Jazakallah to Orchard Sahib for coming to address us. It really was extremely beneficial. I came back from the session knowing just how much improvement is needed within to obtain the levels of Taqwa which is expected from us from Khalifatul Masih.

Sadr Sb then thanked members for attending and said Jazakallah to Orchard Sb for his tireless efforts.

We will Inshallah plan another session like this in Decemeber.