Leamington Spa

Report by Dr Rizwan Hafeez – Secretary Tarbiyyat Leamington Spa Jamaat

Leamington Spa Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 15th, November 2015

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With the grace of Allah, Leamington Spa Jamaat, held their first Tarbiyyat Day on 15th November 2015. The event was for all Jamaat members, and was held at the local mosque -Baitul Ehsan. The event was attended by Nisar Orchard sahib, National Secretary Tarbiyyat UK, and Regional (Midlands) Muraabi – Aqeel Kang Sahib. The local attendance was 41 people including 9 Ansar, 9 Khuddam, 6 Atfal, 11 Lajna and 6 Nasirat.

The day commenced with the opening session – tilawat of the Holy Quran by Zafar Bhatti sahib, Nazam by Qaiser Mehmood sahib and welcoming address by Mr Mohammed Salim JP sahib, Sadar Leamington Spa.

This was followed by an Excellent and thoroughly enjoyed, interactive presentation and quiz delivered by Nisar Orchard sahib.

The event concluded with Zuhur Namaz and lunch.