Report by Dr Asim Salim – President, Leeds Jamaat

Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Leeds – 20th March 2016

Alhamdolillah first Tarbiyyat day of Leeds Jamaat was held on 20th March 2016 at Roundhay Parochial Community Hall, Leeds. Respected Sec Sahib Tarbiyyat UK Nisar Orchard Sahib kindly attended the program. In total 91 members attended the event (Tajneed of Leeds Jamaat = 105).
The event started with Tilawat by Syed Kamran Razvi Sahib followed by English and Urdu translation by Shahzeb Ahmed Sahib. Nazam was recited by Syed Hadi Razvi Sahib. Following this Asim Salim Sahib presented extracts from sayings of The Promised Messiah asw regarding self reformation. Then Sec Tarbiyyat UK Nisar Orchard Sahib gave his Tarbiyyat Lecture. His lecture was MashAllah very interactive, easy to understand and was very informative. All members benefited immensely and were able to reflect on their duties as Ahmadi Muslims. After the lecture there was some time for questions and answers. The program ended with silent prayers. Then food was served for members.
Also before this event the day began with Tahajjudd and Fajar prayers at Salat centre and Ishaa prayers with dars.
Overall it was a very successful Tarbiyyat day. All members benefited a lot. May Allah enable us all to follow the right path.