Report by Mian Aleem – Secretary Tarbiyyat Liverpool Jamaat

Liverpool Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 26th September, 2015

Liverpool Tarbiyyat Activity Day was held on 26-09-2015 at Liverpool Mosque. This event was chaired by Nisar Orchard Sahib (National Secretary Tarbiyyat UK).

The programme started with recitation of Holy Quran by Waqi ul Haq Khan Sahib. This was followed by detailed presentation by Nisar Orchard Sahib regarding various tarbiyyat related aspects. The central focus was improvement in congregational prayers in the mosque and approaches the members politely and encourages them to offer namaz in the mosque. Finally, the members of Jama’at were given opportunity to ask any questions that were answered by Nisar Sahib. In the meantime, Nisar Sahib instructed to activate Tarbiyyat Committee and reach solutions of some of the issues raised by few members at local levels.

The programme was attended by 27 members of Jama’at. The primary reason of low attendance has been many people out of city after Eid. It has been agreed with Nisar Sahib to hold another Tarbiyyat Activity Day in the near future.