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Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 12th November, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 5th July, 2015


Report by Dawood Ahmed Thaker – Secretary Tarbiyyat Luton Jamaat

Luton Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 12th November, 2015


This event began at 19:30 on Thursday 12.11.2015 at Saints Community Centre Luton with Tilawat by Hasaan Mehmood.   This was followed by introduction by Murabi Mujeeb Sahib.

Nisar Orchards sahib National Tarbiyyat Secretary began his interactive Power Point Presentation.   He highlighted some centre directives from the centre such as

Salat Centres and prayers in Congregation (Nisar Sahib mentioned as Luton hold Maghrib and Isha Prayers combined due to centre availability.  This shouldn’t be a habit that every day combined both prayers).

Nisar Sahib said that” This is not only Tarbiyyat Sectary can perform all duties every member of jama’at can come forward and be a part of tarbiyyat team”.

Some responsibility of the central Tarbiyat team and local Tarbiyat team was then discussed such as:

Pre marriage counselling (to assist as 20% of marriages are breaking down.  The main reason for marriage breakdown is parental interference.

Post Marriage Counselling

Janaza burial Arrangements

Promoting Friday Sermons

Ramadhan, Dars, Etekhaf

Many Other Eslahi Matters

Some other Tarbiyatti Topics discussed such as

Developing Moral Values

Tarbiyyat for Children

On Patience and Thankfulness

Purification of the Heart

Enjoying Good & Forbidding Evil

On Matters Relating to Eating

Other important points discussed included:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media.

Parents’ awareness about Social Media

Our objective in life should be spiritual progress; we should all acquire virtue by showing the qualities of modesty, Charity, humbleness and nobility.  We should avoid vices like arrogance, greed, dysfunctionality and superiority.

We should persevere to achieve Taqwa (righteousness) with prayers, Tolerance, Patience, steadfastness, nobility, simplicity honesty, sympathy, humbleness, charity, modesty and kindness.

Moral virtues include modesty, charity, humbleness ,  nobility, self-respect, respect for others, kindness, sympathy, honesty, forgiveness, simplicity, hospitality, gentleness, courage, goodness, politeness, cleanliness, mercy, justice, self-control, cheerfulness, helpfulness, tolerance, love and unselfishness.

Man is the product of his thoughts; immoral thoughts lead to an immoral character.  Virtuous thoughts lead to a virtuous character.  There is a saying “your mind is like a garden”.

A vote of thanks was then given by the president of the Luton Jama’at and then Tarbiyyatti Workshop concluded @ 21:00 with silent prayer by Murabi Sahib.

Maghrib and Isha prayers were offered after which dinner was served to all Jama’at Members.

In total 121 members attended.