Malden Manor

Report by Asim Dar – General Secertary, Malden Manor Jamaat

Malden Manor Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 11th October, 2015

On 11th of October 2015, Malden Manor Jamaat held its first Tarbiyyat session with National Tarbiyyat Secretary Mr. Nisaar Orchard Sahib.

Session took place at Ruskin Drive, Church Hall from 2pm till 6pm. 15 Atfal, 10 Khuddam,  27 Ansar and 50 Lajna and Nasirat attended the session. Nisaar Orchard Sahib made the session very interactive and interesting. It was even easier for young Atfal to understand the message he was trying to put across. At the end of the session dinner was served to all members of Jamaat.

Very positive feedback was received from a number of Jamaat members for example our Naib President wrote to our Jamaat group “Jazakallah for organising such a great event. I am sure every member of the Jamaat has learnt and possibly analysed himself/herself in the light of Orchard Sahib (an eye opener) tarbiyyat lecture.”

We are planning to call Mr Orchard Sahib again in 3 months. May Allah bless him for all his excellent work.