Malden Manor 2

Report by Tariq Ahmad Tahir – Tarbiyyat Secertary, Malden Manor Jamaat

Malden Manor Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 26th March, 2016


By the grace of Allah, Malden Manor Jama’at was able to hold its second Tarbiyyat Day on Saturday 26th March 2016. Ruskin Drive church was once again chosen as the venue to host the event.
Nisar Orchard sahib, secretary Tarbiyyat UK, graced the event with his presence and delivered an interactive presentation focussing on the following themes:
• Prayers
• Marriage
• Nizam-e-Jama’at
During the course of the programme, Nisar sahib went through the ten conditions of Baiat and elaborated on their meaning. It was also explained that the true spirit of Baiat is to sell oneself and give up ones personal desires for the sake of Allah. Nisar sahib also highlighted the importance of each Ahmadi knowing the ten conditions of Baiat and encouraged members to place them in the house where they could be seen frequently.
On the subject of Marriage, Nisar sahib went through the Quranic verses recited during the Nikah ceremony and highlighted the emphasis placed on Taqwa as well as speaking the truth. The audience were encouraged to go over these verses in order to understand the pledge they undertook at the time of their Nikah. Nisar sahib also went over a number of moral qualities that are required in order to attain high standards of righteousness.
The subject of congregational prayers was discussed and members were reminded of Huzoor’s Friday sermon from 1st January 2016, in which he admonished that mosques should remain full of worshipers beyond New Year’s Day. Nisar sahib also recapped the sermon delivered by Huzoor-e-Anwar at the inauguration of Baitul Futuh, in which he reminded Ahmadis of their responsibility towards congregational prayers.
The event was participated by 34 members, including 10 Lajna. The evening concluded with Silent prayer and Dinner.
On behalf of Malden Manor Jama’at, I would like to express our deep gratitude to Nisar Orchard sahib for giving us his valuable time. As with our previous Tarbiyyat day, all participants enjoyed the interactive format of the presentation as was evident from their questions.