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Report by Dr Matloob Ahmad – President Manchester East Jamaat

Manchester East Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 2nd May, 2015


With the grace and mercy of Allah Manchester east jamat organised a Tarbiyyat Day at Darul Aman Mosque Manchester with following details.


  1. A committee was formed headed by secretary Tarbiyyat while Malik Muhammad Akram Sb regional Missionary in charge was supervising overall.
  2. Letter was written to HUZOOR E ANWAR (atba) for prayers for the success of the programme.
  3. Invitation letters were printed out to be delivered to each household.

4.Copies of  set of 105 questions were printed out meant to be delivered to each household for Quiz competition.

  1. Committee members visited all houses in the jamat. A written invitation and set of questions were delivered to each household.
  2. Telephonic reminders were also given every third day.


Programme and activities were on both male and female sides and some of the proceedings were joined going on male side while ladies side could watch them via projector and some activities were separate.

  • OPENING SESSION (11.30am to 01.45pm)
Tilawat Arsalan Ijaz Sb
Nazm Ch.Rasheed Ahmad Mehmood Sb
Speech Malik M. Akram SbRegional Missionary in charge Topic: Importance of  congregational prayers and our responsibilities. Very moving and inspirational speech.
Presentation Fakhar Ahmed Cheema Sb A brief Life History of Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) which was presented Year wise with pictures including the room where Promised Messiah (PBUH)was born, Aqsa Mosque and Mubarak Mosque,Bahishti Maqbara and various other places in Qadiyan.The room where Promised Messiah(as) took first Pledge at Ludhiana and other important places were shown in which all members especially young people showed great interest.It was quite informative  pictorial presentation.
Video Clips Awais Tariq Sb  Clips collected from different children and waqf e nau classes in which Huzoor(atba) answering the questions asked by children. There were many questions in the minds of members especially children which were answered by Huzoor (atba).All members enjoyed the clips and appreciated.

Malik Muhammad Akram Sb Missionary in charge NW region Addressing the participants

Dr Matloob Ahmad President Manchester east jamat briefing the participants about the Tarbiyyat Day Activities


  •  Break for Lunch and Zuhr Prayer. 1.45

 DISCUSSION SESSION. ( 2.45pm till 4.00pm)

Topic of discussion Integration with endogenous population and its limitations.  
Groups on male side Two groups1.Parents

2. young people

Coordinators1.Mr Masood Munawar (parents)

2.Mr Bilal Tahir (young people)

Groups on Female side Two Groups1.Mothers

2. Nasirat & young ladies

Coordinators1.Suma Khan(mothers)

1.Sobia Irfan(young group)

Pattern Group discussion picking all issues and their possible solution 1. coordinator of each group noted down all points and recommendations and presented to all participants.2. Ladies side sent their points and recommendations in writing which were read out to the audience.

3.It was followed by question & answer session.

4. Questions were answered by Mr Tariq Noor Sb guest from centre and Regional Missionary Sb.

Outcome of Discussion Agreed by all Participants 1. we should integrate with endogenous population in certain limits2. We should join their function but strictly avoid unislamic activities like alchol, pork etc.

3.we should invite them to our programmes to introduce them to our jamat and Islam.

4. we can join them in their funerals and wedding.

5. we can give them gifts on their religious events and weddings.

6. Most importantly to impress them with our good character which is the most powerful tool of the believers to preach.

Young group busy in discussion

Parents Group Busy In Discussion Lead by Mr Masood Munawar And Regional Missionary

Mr Bilal Tahir is presenting the points and recommendations from male young group

one of the participants is asking question

Malik Muhammad Akram is answering the Question

  • QUIZ SESSION (4.00pm to 5.30pm)

The question bank was distributed to all jamat members about three weeks before the event and each team had three members having any combination ansar, Khuddam or atfal.

 similarly the same pattern was adopted on ladies side.

This sort of freedom made the members more involved and interested.

It was the most interesting event of the day and each and every member got involved.

Six teams on male side and Six teams on ladies side took part in the event.

Questions were asked by Mr Tariq Noor Sb representative from the centre Tarbiyyat department.

Quiz competition is in progress

  • Break for Asar prayer(5.30pm)
  • FINAL SESSION (5.45pm till 6.15pm)
    • Just after Asar prayer the session was continued and representative of National Tarbiyyat team Mr Tariq Noor was requested to distribute the prizes to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position teams in quiz competition while on the ladies side sadar Lajna distributed the medals.
    • Mr Tariq Noor delivered a brief closing speech with message from the national Tarbiyyat secretary Mr Nisar Orchid Sb.
    • Dr Matloob Ahmad President of Manchester East Jamat Paid vote of thanks to the guest and participants.
    • Tarbiyyat Day ended with silent prayer which was lead by Malik Muhammad Akram Sb regional Missionary in charge.
    • Total attendance was 105 (Ladies & Gents)

Medals are awarded to the winning team of quiz competition

Medals awarded to team stood second in quiz competition

Medals awarded to the team stood third in quiz competition

Tarbiyyat Day ended with silent prayer lead by regional missionary

May Allah bless all those who have helped to organise and making this event a success especially Malik Muhammad Akram Sb Missionary in charge northwest region.


Dr Matloob Ahmad

President Manchester East Jamat

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